Industry Track Call for Presentations

ISWC 2010 is hosting an Industry Track to enable the business community to present products that utilize or enrich the Semantic Web. We invite interested companies to give presentations in this track. A one-page abstract of the presentation has to be submitted beforehand, but no formal accompanying paper is required.

We also encourage vendors and sponsors who may or may not be exhibiting at ISWC 2010 to give a presentation. We seek to allow vendors to (1) give more in-depth discussion about the specific aspects of Semantic Web technologies in their products and services; (2) explain how their products and services are helping to transition clients into the Semantic Web; and (3) describe the innovative plans for their products and services that lead to greater adoption of Semantic Web standards and interoperability.

The submission date for abstracts is shortly before the conference date so that authors can include last-minute updates and innovations of general interest to ISWC attendees.

Important Dates

  • Abstracts Due: September 7, 2010
  • Notification: September 21, 2010

Submission Information

Authors must submit a one-page abstract for consideration to the Industry track of ISWC 2010 at

Submissions must be in PDF or plain text. Submitted abstracts should be accompanied by presentation needs (e.g. projector, Internet connectivity).

Decisions for acceptance will be based on relevance to the Semantic Web, interest to conference attendees, technical depth and business applicability. Marketing and sales material will not be considered.

Presentations may be fully automated (e.g. screencasts) or narrated live during the conference. Presentations are expected to be either 20 or 50 minutes with 10 minutes for questions. A presentation may be mixed media and include demonstrations, but must adhere to the 20 or 50 minute limit. No formal paper submission is required.

Note that metadata about all successful submissions will be included in the conference metadata corpus and made publicly available at Detailed information will be provided with the acceptance notification.


Potential topics are listed below but are not inclusive. See the Research Track for additional topic areas.

  • Large Scale Metadata Infrastructures
  • Ontology Management
  • Reasoning Engines
  • Collaboration and the Semantic Web
  • Open Data on the Semantic Web
  • Open Source Strategies for Semantic Web Businesses
  • Use of Ontologies in Applications
  • Business Models for Semantic Publishing
  • Semantic Advertising

Program Committee

  • Dean Allemang, TopQuadrant
  • Kendall Clark, Clark & Parsia
  • Mike Dean, BBN
  • Tom Heath, Talis
  • Ora Lassila, Nokia
  • Tony Lee, Saltlux
  • Massimo Paolucci, DoCoMo Labs
  • Kunal Verma, Accenture
  • Zhe Wu, Oracle