Conference at a Glance

Sun-Mon, 7-8 Nov Workshops & Tutorials
Tue-Thu, 9-11 Nov Main conference
Main Conference
TuesdayAuditoriumYellow RiverRoom 3BRoom 3C/D
8:30am Opening Ceremonies
9:00am Invited Speaker: mc schraefel
10:00am Coffee Break
10:30am Ontology Evolution In-Use/1Proofs, Trust, NLP, Rules DC: Mining and Search
12:30pm Lunch (Grand Ballroom, 7th floor)
2:00pm In-Use Panel "OWL" vs "RIF" Query LanguagesAccess to Other Kinds of Data DC: Applications and Services
3:30pm Coffee Break
4:00pm Social Semantic Web/1Ontology Similarity and Debugging In-Use/2 DC: Reasoning and Querying
6:00pm Industry Talk: Jay Katzen
7:00pm Reception and Poster Session
WednesdayAuditoriumYellow RiverRoom 3BRoom 3C/D
9:00am Large KBsIn-Use/3 Agents
10:00am Coffee Break
10:30am Ontologies in Linked DataIn-Use/4 Representation Extensions Elsevier Author Workshop
12:30pm Lunch (Grand Ballroom, 7th floor) Semantic Web Career Mentoring Lunch
2:00pm Invited Speakers: Austin Haugen and Evan Sandhaus
3:30pm Coffee Break
4:00pm Semantic Web ChallengeReasoning and Algorithms
6:00pm Town Hall
7:00pm Banquet (Grand Ballroom, 7th floor)
ThursdayAuditoriumYellow RiverRoom 3B
9:00am Invited Speaker: Li Xiaoming
10:00am Coffee Break
10:30am Linked Data In-Use/5 Industry/1
12:30pm Lunch (Pearl Hall, 7th floor)
1:00pm Lightning Talks
2:00pm Scalability Semantic Web Services Industry/2
3:30pm Coffee Break
4:00pm Social Semantic Web/2Query Optimization Industry/3
5:15pm Awards and Closing Ceremonies