Tools and Metadata

  • Try on your IPhone/IPod/IPad. Comments (and complements) to Alvaro (

  • Marian Dörk has set up a Visual Backchannel for #iswc2010 at This will aggregate and visualise all tweets that contain the hashtag #iswc2010, and all photos referenced in tweets via Plixi, Twitpic, or yfrog.

  • An initial list of ISWC 2010 datasets and demos is online on the W3C Semantic Web Wiki. Free feel to expand the list with your own tools and demos!

  • See for a map showing affiliations/locations of ISWC 2010 organizers, reviewers and authors.

  • A real-time Twitter widget has been provided by Joshua Shinavier. Tweets about ISWC 2010 can also be queried using SPARQL.