KiWi - A Platform for building Semantic Social Media Applications

The combination of semantic technologies and social software has become more and more popular in the last few years as can be seen by the emergence of Semantic Wikis or the popularity of vocabularies such as FOAF or SIOC. The KiWi project is based upon these principles and offers features required for Social Media applications such as versioning, (semantic) tagging, rich text editing, easy linking, rating and commenting, as well as advanced "smart" services such as recommendation, rule-based reasoning, information extraction, intelligent search and querying, a sophisticated social reputation system, vocabulary management, and rich visualization. KiWi can be used both, as a platform for building custom Semantic Media applications, and as a Semantic Social Index, integrating content and data from a variety of different sources, e.g. Wikis, blogs and content management systems in an enterprise internet. Third-party applications can access the KiWi System using simple-to-use web services. The demo presents the whole functionality of the Open Source development platform KiWi in its final version within one integrated project management scenario. Furthermore it shows different KiWi-based Social Media projects to illustrate its various fields of application.