Semantics for music researchers: How country is my country?

The Linking Open Data cloud contains several music related datasets that hold great potential for enhancing the process of research in the ?eld of Music Information Retrieval (MIR) and which, in turn, can be enriched by MIR results. We demonstrate a system with several related aims: to enable MIR researchers to utilise these datasets through incorporation in their research systems and work?ows; to publish MIR research output on the Semantic Web linked to existing datasets (thereby also increasing the size and applicability of the datasets for use in MIR); and to present MIR research output, with cross-referencing to other linked data sources, for manipulation and evaluation by researchers and re-use within the wider Semantic Web. By way of example we gather and publish RDF describing signal collections derived from the country of an artist. Genre analysis over these collections and integration of collection and result metadata enables us to ask: "how country is my country?".