Semantic-based Complex Event Processing in the AAL Domain

Ambient assisted living (AAL) is a new research area focusing on services that support people in their daily life with a particular focus on elderly people. In the AAL domain sensor technologies are used to identify situations that pose a risk to the assisted person (AP) or that indicate the need of proactive assistance. These situations of interest are detected by analyzing sensor data coming from a whole variety of sensors. Considering the need for immediate assistance especially in the case of safety- and health-critical situations, the detection of situations must be achieved in real-time. In this paper we propose to use Complex Event Processing (CEP) based on semantic technologies to detect typical AAL-like situations. In particular, we present how the ETALIS CEP engine can be used to detect situations in real-time and how this can lead to immediate and proper assistance even in critical situations in conjunction with the semantic AAL service platform openAAL.