SAOR: Template Rule Optimisations for Distributed Reasoning over 1 Billion Linked Data Triples

In this paper, we discuss optimisations of rule-based materialisation approaches for reasoning over large static RDF datasets. We generalise and reformalise what we call the "partial-indexing" approach to scalable rule-based materialisation: the approach is based on a separation of terminological data, which has been shown in previous and related works to enable highly scalable and distributable reasoning for specific rulesets; in so doing, we provide some completeness propositions with respect to semi-naive evaluation. We then show how related work on template rules - T-Box-specific dynamic rulesets created by binding the terminological patterns in the static ruleset - can be incorporated and optimised for the partial-indexing approach. We evaluate our methods using LUBM(10) for RDFS, pD* (OWL Horst) and OWL 2 RL, and thereafter demonstrate pragmatic distributed reasoning over 1.12 billion Linked Data statements for a subset of OWL 2 RL/RDF rules we argue to be suitable for Web reasoning.